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Managed Cloud Infrastructure

Layer 7 offers tailored cloud infrastructure and devops solutions designed for ultimate performance, resilience and redundancy.


We understand that every business is different and our complex solutions are built to meet your specific requirements. Ideal for mission critical applications and heavy demand websites, where performance, redundancy and availability are essential.

Our Hosting Experts are able to build custom Docker containers for your solutions, automate tests for your applications and deploying to production using Ansible & Pipeline for ensuring continuous quality deployment.

Simplify your cloud transformation with support from Layer 7’s team of cloud-certified experts, delivering personalized guidance, architecture, and optimization.

Key benefits

Managed Cloud Infrastructure

Popular Solutions

Cloud Migration & Modernization

From rehosting to replatforming to rearchitecting, we will help you leverage the Cloud to its fullest potential to meet your business objectives.

Cost Optimization
Cloud Security & Compliance
Application Modernization
Cloud Data Engineering
Custom Application Development

Microservices architecture

Microservices architectures make applications easier to scale, enabling innovation and accelerating time-to-market for new features.

Dedicated Load Balancer
Set of Cloud Server Nodes
MySQL Cluster Database
NVMe Block Storage
Wordwide CDN
Managed WAF
Managed Remote Backups
24/7 Advanced Monitoring

Containers and automation

The popularity of Docker Containers is justified by the ease of automating the deployment and maintenance of services, known as DevOps.

Custom Docker Engineering
Custom Docker Images
Containers Orchestration
Ansible / Docker Automation
Continuous integration ( CI / CD )
Third party services Integration

If you can dream it, we can build it.

​Private Cloud, load balancing, database replication, big data storage, anything you need.

Private Cloud

We can build your own private cloud environment. All hardware, from compute, storage and networking can be completely dedicated to you - perfect where you need to balance the flexibility the cloud gives you.

Load Balancing

We can load balance your traffic to two or more servers between multiple worldwide locations and increase redundancy to handle failures, or distribute the load for busy applications.

High Volume Storage

We can create your own private storage infrastructure to meet any data storage requirements. Our storage technology can deliver incredible value, delivering breakthrough performance and reliability

Database Replication

Master to master or read replication to offload read traffic from your master database and database clusters to increase database performance and data availability.

Systems Automation

We love automating. We can create complex scripting routines to automate your business and create synergies between software and infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery

We can implement disaster recovery solutions to ensure your business has global, multi-facility redundancies and recovery plan in case of a disaster.

DevOps Solutions

Cloud partners

Scalability, flexibility, performance, collaboration; we work with the best Cloud Provider for your needs.

Full visibility

We monitor everything, seamlessly aggregating all metrics and events across the full devops stack for troubleshooting, and optimizing your application performance.

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Migrate to containers

Are you looking for some help modernizing a monolithic or legacy application? Going through an application or platform re-architecture? We hear that a lot, and we can help. Whether it’s expertise on specific components of your platform or a complete overhaul we can help you get up and running fast with tools and self-service capabilities your development team will love.

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